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Are you looking for an affordable online tax return solution?


 From $59 for Low Income Earners to $349 for Sole Traders. These prices are highly competitive and affordable tax return prices.

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Its Online and its Personal

Our online tax return is easy to use and there is no login required. 

Just complete our online questionnaire and if we are missing any information or we think you may have overlooked a deduction, we will be in touch.

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Highly Experienced

Our Highly Skilled and Experienced Income Tax Experts will deliver you with the best return possible.

We are registered TAX Agents who have lodged thousands of Income Tax Returns for clients all around Australia.

Our Prices

Prices are subject to change as of the 1st of July each year.
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Low Income Earner: When total income is less than $37,500 you will automatically received 50% off your return.

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Rental Property


($149 base fee + $100 per property)

Rental Property prices are shown based on the scenario where a Property Agent Statement has been supplied or where all paperwork has been collated and totaled together, preferably on the excel spreadsheet provided here.

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Sole Trader


($149 base fee + $200 per business)

Sole Trader prices are shown based on the scenario where all paperwork has been collated and totaled together, preferably on the excel spreadsheet provided here.

Crypto Currency: Crypto tax calculations are charged an additional $75 per 50 transactions
Pre Work: Any pre-tax bookkeeping or prep work over one hour will be charged at an additional $75 per hour.
Tax Advice: $150 per hour for tax advice

Online Tax Return How Does It Work

Fill in your details, answer some questions, upload your tax documents. Online or over the phone, a tax accountant is always ready to answer your questions

A tax expert will work on your return to maximize your refund.
Once we have all your information from you and the ATO portal, we carefully prepare your return to make sure we don’t miss any deductions or offsets.
All you need to do is review, sign and pay for your tax return and we will lodge it with the ATO.

When our reviews are complete, your return is quickly lodged with the ATO. It generally takes 14–30 days for the ATO to process returns and issue any refunds
Individual Tax Return Fees start from $60 and fully cover your tax return being prepared by an experienced tax accountant and then reviewed by an experience tax agent.
All fees are tax deductible in next years tax return.

Tax Returns Made Easy

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re doing your own tax return, your lodgment due date will be:
31 October – if you run your business as a sole trader, partnership or trust.
28 February – if your business is a company, but there are some exceptions so double check your due date.


If you lodge through a tax agent:
15 May – most tax payers, unless you have outstanding previous year(s) lodgements.
From 15 January – if you are a large/medium trust or company >$10mill income.
To qualify for the extended due dates from your tax agent, make sure your tax agent has you listed on their ATO portal prior to the 31 October and then confirm your due date with them.

If you are behind on your tax returns, we can help you. Once you engage us as your tax agent, the responsibility is taken from your shoulders.
We can then liaise with the tax office on your behalf and work out extensions and payment plans where necessary.

Small Business are our specialty and they can have a separate set of tax laws that apply to them.
We know what these tax laws are and when reviewed against your business circumstances, could save you tax dollars.
Let us take a look and see what Small Business tax savings you could make.

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