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Dedicated to Transforming Your Business

We believe everyone deserves an accountant who cares.

  At AIM Accountants, we are dedicated to helping business owners achieve business success. We provide a full range of accounting and business solutions to save you time and money, remove any worries about compliance and help make your business more productive and profitable.

 We have been providing accounting and business solutions for over a decade, helping clients across a range of industries as diverse as hospitality, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, professional, real estate, medical and health. 

Australian owned and operated. We are a focused team of professional Tax Accountants, Xero Bookkeepers and Xero Trainers based in Adelaide, South Australia

Our Difference

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Free Phone and Email Support

Being in business can feel lonely. There are many directions you could take and decision to make and sometimes you just need to run your ideas, questions or problems past someone. 

We don’t want to be your road block which is why we want you to call or email us without the worry of cost.

Why Choose Us

Based in South Australia, we are Australian owned and operated. No off shore workers here.

We offer free phone and email support for all our clients and because we utilise cloud accounting systems, this allow us to assist you and your staff in real time.


We communicate regularly with our clients, touching base with them to see how things are going, not just waiting for them to contact us.


We want our clients to walk out of every meeting fully understanding what was discussed. We explain things in a way that makes sense.


We want to share our knowledge with you, so if you prefer to be hands on, we can train and support you.

The world of Tax and Accounting can be complex and sometimes illogical. We will ensure that you understand the applicable rules in everyday language.

We are also able to provide solutions to business by utilising the latest Xero cloud accounting software and various add-on solutions.

We are Registered BAS and TAX Agents with the Tax Practitioners Board and Practice Partner with Xero.

We stay current with business and tax law changes via channels such as the Institute of Public Accountants, ASIC and the ATO.

We want our client’s businesses to thrive. We work with business owners to grow their business. Technology plays a big part in this area.

Our Internals

To enrich business owners’ lives with tax, finance and business services to the highest quality of service that informs, educates and enhances your business because we believe all business deserve support to be able to run their own business without having to pay through the nose.


Our mission is to be an affordable support center for small business owners by educating business owners in systems and processes so that they can run their business smoothly whilst also offering an expert tax return service, in a reasonable timeframe at a competitive price.

To be the leading trustworthy accountant and business services provider in South Australia by offering great support, training, and advice.

Dedicated: We are dedicated to our work because business owners’ financial freedom and happiness depends on our work.

Positive: We believe anybody can run their own business and be a hero in their industry.

We smile: We have an upbeat, positive attitude because being a great accountant and business advisor is all about taking the worries and stress away from the business owner.

We learn: We are constantly learning about our client’s industry, what our clients want and how we can make their business better.

We act:  We take action, we write down our tasks and set clear goals and deadlines.

We don’t sweat the small stuff: Life is too short and work life balance is very important.

We Love Tax Law:

Albert Einstein once said “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax.” but it is for this reason that we love what we do. The ever changing complexities of tax law keeps us challenged, which is what we strive for.


We Love our Clients:

We are passionate about helping businesses – we love the feeling of knowing that a client has relied on us for our expertise in bookkeeping and business systems and they walk away relieved knowing that a solution to their problem has been found.

Meet the Director

Amy Dutoit


Amy is different from your average accountant.

She didn’t start at University, she started in the trenches as a Finance Manager for private companies (ranging from $0 to $12mill+ turnover) and has been working in the Accounting field for private business for almost 15 years now.

In 2014 she started her own bookkeeping business, which she sold in 2017 so that she could expand on her knowledge in Tax by working for a Tax Accounting Firm.

In 2020, Amy left a high paying job in accounting to chase her dreams of having her own accounting firm, a firm that she can build on her morals and could be proud of. A firm that gives her a sense of satisfaction and a legacy to leave behind.

For Amy business is very simple; take sales and commercial gain off the table and rather approach every relationship with the intent of listening, understanding, and then trying to empower and promote. Amy genuinely cares and is motivated by helping people in any small way. Providing honest, ethical, impartial advice builds trust and relationships and this is the essence of AIM. Amy’s vision is to build a highly respected accountancy firm that adds genuine value to the industry. It is her dream to have a company that both clients and employees are happy to be openly associated with irrespective of whether they are a small or large business.

Amy loves living in Adelaide with her two 2 young children, she is kept busy being mum and growing her business. As for her passions… she loves bush walking, dancing and singing (although she can’t dance and sing), walking in the rain and naturally, drinking and eating with family and friends.

The best part of my job? I really enjoy learning from and having fun with the many people I work with and meet. If my ramblings help people that is a bonus!

As a public practitioner. I have very strict continuing professional development criteria that must be met every year, in order to keep my license. This ensures I remain as up to date with tax as possible, providing you the client, accurate and timely advice.

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