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Are you looking for an affordable business tax return solution that comes with FREE email and phone support for the year?

AIM Tax Services is Australian owned and operated and based in Adelaide SA.

We are Experiences and Qualified Business Tax Accountants and who’s mission is to provide business owners with the best tax return possible, in a reasonable timeframe at a competitive price.

We are Registered Tax Agents who have lodged thousands of Income Tax Returns for clients all around Australia.

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We specialise in...

  • Shareholder Dividends
  • Division 7a Loans – Companies who have Director(s) or Shareholder(s) loans owing to the company
  • Trust Distributions
  • Property and Share Portfolios
  • Carried Forward Losses
  • Capital Gains Tax Event
  • Intercompany Loan Accounts
  • Asset Finance Schedule Reconciliations
  • Depreciation Schedule & Calculations

Did you Know?

Small Businesses (turnover less than $10m) can have a separate set of tax laws that apply to them?

We know what tax laws apply to Small Business and when reviewed against your business circumstances, we could save you tax dollars.

Let us take a look and see what Small Business tax savings you could make.

Our Pricing...

To help new and small business owners get their business off the ground and growing, we have priced our base rate for tax return fees according to the turnover of business and then any additional charges is based on the degree of intricacy.


Our Prices start from:

  • $880 – business with turnover between $0 and $1m (discount of 87%)
  • $1,100 – business with turnover between $1m and $3m (discount of 75%)
  • $2,200 – business with turnover between $3m and $5m (discount of 50%)
  • $3,300 – business with turnover between $5m and $7.5m (discount of 25%)
  • $4,400 – business with turnover above $7.5m

Do you Need Xero?

If you run a business without accounting software than you are running it blind.

It is good practice to have accounting software as it will save you time and money on your Tax Return. Not to mention being able to see what your business in making and what income tax you might be up for.

To create a Xero account visit or contact us to create an account for you.

Note on Bank Feeds

Xero only pulls information from your bank account, it can’t physically spend your money.

It just records transactions that have already occurred, therefore when you make payments via your internet banking, we will see this transaction in Xero the next day and from there we will be able to allocate it to a correct account. We are writing this because we just want to reassure you that we will not be able to access your bank account. We will only be able to see the transactions that have occurred, just like we would if you handed us a paper copy of your bank statement, except this way, it is already coded correctly for us, making it easier for us and cheaper for you when lodging your tax return.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re doing your own tax return, your lodgment due date will be:
31 October – if you run your business as a sole trader, partnership or trust.
28 February – if your business is a company, but there are some exceptions so double check your due date.


If you lodge through a tax agent:
15 May – most tax payers, unless you have outstanding previous year(s) lodgements.
From 15 January – if you are a large/medium trust or company >$10mill income.
To qualify for the extended due dates from your tax agent, make sure your tax agent has you listed on their ATO portal prior to the 31 October and then confirm your due date with them.

If you are behind on your tax returns, we can help you. Once you engage us as your tax agent, the responsibility is taken from your shoulders.
We can then liaise with the tax office on your behalf and work out extensions and payment plans where necessary.

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