Role Specific Deductions


TEACHERS Annual teacher registration Reference books/professional library Computer, disks, repairs, printer cartridges, etc. Teacher aids / Stationery Stop watch for a P.E. Teacher Excursions – educational and sporting trips and camps Self-education Association fees Travel to sporting and school activities that are NOT based at the home school Home study – electricity, telephone calls

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Defence Force Personnel

DEFENCE FORCE PERSONNEL Purchases of replacement uniforms Maintenance of uniforms e.g. laundry, dry cleaning, shoe polish, shoe repairs etc. Replacement of equipment that has been misplaced/lost/worn out A portion of mess fees that is attributable to work related activities Fitness expenses e.g. training instructors, members of the special combat squads. Travel between bases – special

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Police Officers

POLICE OFFICERS Uniform/laundry Informant fees (unreimbursed) – authorised under the policies and procedures of the employing police service Training courses Self-education (courses at the academy) Tape recorder/tapes/batteries Mobile/telephone Pistol club membership fees (only Australian Federal Police Pistol Club) Fitness expenses – only for training officers or special emergency squads Scuba watches – not conventional watches

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