Tax Return Due Dates

If you’re doing your own tax return, your lodgment due date will be:

  • 31 October – if you run your business as a sole trader, partnership or trust.
  • 28 February – if your business is a company, but there are some exceptions so double check your due date.

If you lodge through a tax agent:

  • 15 May – most tax payers, unless you have outstanding previous year(s) lodgements.
  • From 15 January – if you are a large/medium trust or company >$10mill income.

To qualify for the extended due dates from your tax agent, make sure your tax agent has you listed on their ATO portal prior to the 31 October and then confirm your due date with them.

Behind on Tax?

If you are behind on your tax returns, we can help you.  Once you engage us as your tax agent, the responsibility is taken from your shoulders.

We can then liaise with the tax office on your behalf and work out extensions and payment plans where necessary.

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