Deduction – Laundry Expenses

You can claim for Laundry expenses if your work uniform is Compulsory or Protective wear.

To calculate your claim you work out the average time you wash your work clothes each week and multiply this by

  • $1.00 (if work clothes were washed by themselves / separately without any other casual wear)
  • $0.50 (if your work clothes were washed together with no work clothes)

You can claim up to $150 for laundry expense. However, if laundry expenses are over $150 you need to adhere to the below guide.

  • If total work expenses are $300 or less than written evidence of laundry expenses is not required
  • If total work expenses are more than $300 the written evidence of all expenses, including laundry expenses must be kept.


Claire works as a plumber. She purchased protective overalls for $30. Her laundry expenses totaled $220. She has no other work-related expenses. Although Claire’s laundry expenses are more than $150, she will not need to provide written evidence because her total work expenses of $250, including laundry expenses, do not exceed $300.

Bob works as a nurse. He wants to claim a deduction for the cost of laundry of $170 and other work expenses of $250. Bobs total work expenses of $420 are more than $300, therefore, if he wants to claim the full $420 he must keep evidence of all the work expenses (including laundry expenses) he incurred. If he can substantiate the other work expenses of $250, but not the laundry, he can still claim laundry expenses of $150.

Written Evidence of Laundry Expenses would be in the form of a diary.

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